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Responsabile: Prof. Marco Mancini


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The research  group deals with scientific and educational activities on: monitoring and modelling  of hydrological phenomena, satellite remote sensing of hydrological fluxes, flood and  hydrogeological risk analysis and mitigation,  planning and design of urban water infrastructures,  hydraulic structures, sustainable water systems, water resources assessment and management, ocean  and coastal engineering. 

Results of the  research activities are transferred to engineering applications as:  real time soil moisture monitoring for flood and irrigation managements, snow melt and relative water equivalent,  water supply systems, sewers and drainage systems, dams and reservoirs, flood detention ponds, hydroelectric plants, river structures, harbour dams  and breakwaters.


Hydrogeological hazard and risk mitigation under climate change.

Analysis, prediction and prevention of hydrogeological hazard and  risk mitigation actions. Rainfall and runoff monitoring and modelling also under climate change,  statistical and probabilistic analysis of extremes for stationary and non stationary data, impact of land use change, flood  mapping, flood real-time forecasting system,  flash floods, debris flows, firefloods, soil slips, woody debris and bulk flood transport. 

Snow, ice and glacier dynamics

Monitoring snow and glacier dynamics using ground and satellite data,  and modelling under  historical and future climate change scenarios, assessment and development of downscaling schemes for climatic Global Circulation Models, determination of snow water equivalent for water resources management.

Soil Moisture and evapotranspiration 

Hydrological modelling and monitoring of water and energy fluxes in the soil-vegetation-atmosphere system through micro-meteorological stations and satellite remote sensing. 

Soil moisture dynamic, infiltration profiles, evapotranspiration and carbon fluxes, irrigation water needs, runoff assessment, atmospheric boundary layer processes, surface water-groundwater interaction, are analysed at irrigation district and at basin scale.

Hydraulic structures and  infrastructures 

Advance design and modelling of hydraulic structures as river dams, retention pools, hydroelectric plants, water supply systems, urban drainage and river works also with biotechnical engineering. Field analyses  and laboratory physical models.

Sustainable urban water management in smart cities framework,  modelling of  sewerage impacts on rivers, real-time control of urban drainage systems, planning and management of urban water supply, safety and resilience  of hydraulic structures and their environmental impact on the water bodies. Field experiments and simulation of pollutants transport and diffusion dynamics in artificial and natural streams.

Water resources management under climate change 

Modelling of water resources systems for planning and optimal management for historical and future climatic scenarios, water footprint,  water trade and security, analysis of minimum stream flows, drought analysis and indices. 

Ocean and coastal engineering

Modelling and monitoring of sea waves  and their effects on coastal  morphology and structures,  wave energy, offshore and nearshore structures, breakwaters for harbour protection, coastal sediment transport, water quality. 


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