Computational models and methods

Implementation and validation of constitutive models for nonlinear behavior of materials: elasto- plasticity and damage, quasi-brittle fracture, ductile fracture, delamination. Formulation and implementation of finite elements for continua, membranes and shells in finite kinematics, and interface finite elements for delamination and fracture. Analysis, development and implementation of alternative methods of discretization: boundary elements, particle methods, meshfree methods, NURBS, multigrid finite element, domain decomposition, model order reduction. Development of advanced experimental equipment and computer codes for Digital Image Correlation apt to process two- and three-dimensional (from X-ray microCT) digital images, oriented to diagnostics and monitoring activities of experiments on materials and structures at different scales, to be combined with mechanical models and parameter identification techniques.  


a) a) Crack propagation and blade cutting of thin walled structures.

b) Meshfree simulation of blast induced fragmentation in a steel spherical shell cap).