River hydraulics

People involved
Francesco Ballio (Full Professor)
Silvio Franzetti (Full Professor, retired)
Alessio Radice (Associate Professor)
Daniela Molinari (Assistant Professor)
Anna Rita Scorzini (Research Assistant)
Gianluca Crotti (PhD Student)


Research activities

The studies within this line are mostly related with numerical modelling of river flows towards flood hazard
assessment, via scenario modelling or back analyses of past events for which the hydrodynamic properties
are known. Depending on the characteristics of a river environment, one- or two-dimensional modelling
approaches can be taken, possibly including river morphologic processes. Results of the numerical
simulations are used to interpret an event dynamics, to predict hazard levels for assigned return period, and
as an input to damage and risk assessment.

This line also involves field analysis of river bridge vulnerability due to local scour processes, and associated
mitigation strategies. Structural countermeasures can be designed and built to reduce the scour hazard. From
a non-structural point of view, instead, a bridge safety factor can be determined based on the loads on the
structure and management procedures (warning issue, traffic interruption) can be activated. Monitoring data
are crucial for both assessing the performance of countermeasures or for a real-time determination of the
safety margins for the bridge.

Reproduction of the flood event of November 2002 in Lodi by a two-dimensional river model.


Installation of a bridge monitoring system (left) and a protection structure (right) for bridges on
the Po river (at Borgoforte and Sermide, respectively).

Most relevant publications

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