Research Area presentation

Manager:  Prof. Stefano Cernuschi



Scientific and academic activities related to environmental quality assessment, analysis, mitigation and reclamation measures and strategies, remediation technologies and resource recycling and reuse. Main specific areas of interest and expertise related to:


  • Civil and industrial wastewater treatment and potabilization (physical, chemical or biological processes) for macro- and micro-pollutant removal;
  • Sustainable methods and processes for potabilization and circular depuration of civil and industrial wastewater (water reuse, water energy nexus, biofuel production from anaerobic digestion, nutrient and component recovery)
  • Monitoring and control systems for water quality, methods and models for technical and energetic optimization of treatments and potabilization processes 
  • Treatment and management of sewage sludge
  • Air quality analysis, planning, and management
  • Inventories and control technologies for gaseous and particulate matter emissions 
  • Analysis and evaluation of integrated systems for solid waste management and treatment
  • Environmental and human health risk assessment for toxic pollutants in soils, groundwater and gaseous streams
  • In situ and ex situ remediation technologies for contaminated soils and sediments
  • In situ remediation technologies for contaminated groundwater
  • Life cycle sustainability assessment of products and processes (LCA – Life Cycle Assessment and LCC- Life Cycle Costing)
  • Pollution source apportionment 
  • Knowledge-based management of environmental resources
  • Scenario Analysis as support of Strategic Environmental Assessment and Environmental Impact Assessment