Petrographic Laboratory

The Petrographic Laboratory is present at the Politecnico since its foundation and personalities such as Stoppani, Salmoiraghi, Artini and Desio made its history.

glass showcases

glass showcases

area devoted to the study of rocks and minerals



Point Load Test



The Laboratory has mainly didactic purposes: it a place where students of Civil, Environmental and Construction Engineering can learn to recognise the most important lithotypes and to put them into relation with their technical characteristics. 

In the Laboratory over than 2000 samples of the most beautiful minerals are present, together with a unique collection of polished rocks (composed by over than 200 samples) and about 500 samples of rocks from all lover Italy and from different parts of the world.

Moreover, the Laboratory has got simple instruments for rock mass characterisation, including a Point Load Test, several sclerometers and Barton’s Shape Tracers, in addition to compasses, altimeters and GPS.

ResponsibleProf.ssa Monica Papini