Energie Rinnovabili - Renewable Energies

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Descrizione delle attività di ricerca - What we do



Produzione di energia dalle Onde - Wave Energy

Progetto EDS  (intervista su Radio 24 del 2013-10-30)

Progetto EDS (intervista su ClassTV del 23/10/2014)

Wave energy is one of the most promising energy sources among the third generation renewable energies. We are working on the nearshore wave exploitation, which seems the good compromise between costs and energy availability.  In Fantoli laboratory we are testing a particular kind of WEC (wave energy converter) which is designed to harness both horizontal and vertical force of the wave, with the aim of capture most of the energy content of the waves.



Recupero di energia - Energy Recovery

Progetto GreenValve (intervista su Radio 24 del 2014-05-14)

In 2012, professor Stefano Malavasi patented the GreenValve, a control valve able to recover the energy dissipated in flow rate control process. In May 2013, a prototype of this valve was created to be tested in Fantoli laboratory of the Politecnico di Milano. Moreover CFD analysis is unsed to extend experimental results both to optimize GreenValve  components and study its functioning under a wide range of boundary conditions.




Progetto Giralog (intervista su ClassTV del 23/09/2014)


Produzione di energia dai vortici - Vortex Induced Vibration Energy (VIVE)

Vortex-induced vibrations (VIV) have recently being studied under the point of view of the energy harnessing: the movement of a body induced by vortex shedding can be exploited to generate clean electricity. In this perspective, VIV should be enhanced rather than suppressed (VIV are normally very dangerous for structures). We are experimentally testing an elastically mounted sphere undergoing VIV in a water flow, with a particular kind of power take-off inside it, which produces electric energy.