Valvole e dispositivi di regolazione - Control Flow Devices

Prof. Stefano Malavasi (Responsabile - Chief
Tel. + 39 02 2399 6261     E-mail: stefano.malavasi(at)

Ing. Giacomo Ferrarese (Collaboratore - Assistant
Tel. + 39 02 2399 6255     E-mail: giacomo.ferrarese(at)

What We Do

This section of the hydraulic laboratory is concerned with the design and testing of flow control devices and the study and analysis of innovative renewable energy solutions.
Our skills regard the test and characterization of hydraulic devices, such as valves pumps and turbines, in terms of pressure loss, flow capacity and fluid dynamic performances. The tests are performed according to their specific international standards. Flow coefficients, cavitation analysis, noise tests, hydroelectric performances are investigated in many flow conditions taking advantage of the potential of the plant, composed of several high flow rate pumps and a closed systems of interconnected water tanks.
In the last years green energy has become an important topic for researchers and engineers of many knowledge fields. The possibility of energy recovery from the dissipative process of flow control is one of the most recent topics investigated by the group.