Laboratory of Measurements of Applied Geophysics

Manager: Prof. Luigi Zanzi

The laboratory performs experimental activities to support the ongoing research for the development of geophysical techniques for civil and environmental applications.

The laboratory owns equipment and software for near-surface seismic surveys (P and S refraction and reflection seismics), MASW measurements, HVSR measurements, GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) investigations at low, medium and high frequency (from 50MHz to 2GHz), sonic and radar tomographic measurements on structural elements, ERT (Electrical Resistivity Tomography) surveys.

The laboratory has also developed custom versions of equipment and software for specific applications.


The current ongoing activities are mainly focused on the research in progress on: 




Luigi Zanzi (luigi.zanzi(at), Maurizio Lualdi (maurizio.lualdi(at)


Mapping reinforcemens in a concrete column with a high frequency GPR antenna. Measurement setup, row data and final image after data processing.

Example of GPR investigation on historical buildings. Interpretation of a radar profile at Villa Litta Modignani, Milan (European project ONSITEFORMASONRY)

Prototype equipment (ultra-high frequency GPR + dual-coil Metal Detector) for humanitarian demining (European project HOPE)

Activities in the training field of the Search and Rescue team of the Pisa Fire Department for testing a new microseismic equipment for location of people trapped in earthquake debris (SOSTEAM project funded by Regione Lombardia)

Example of exploration seismics applied to the study of an unstable slope (Val Chiavenna). Combination of reflection seismics with velocity map from headwave tomographic inversion.