Laboratory of Environmental Engineering



The site of the Laboratory of Environmental Engineering (LIA) is in Building 21 
the Politecnico di Milano (Campus Bassini with entrance from Via Golgi 39).

Manager: prof.ssa Francesca Malpei francesca.malpei(at) 
Operating Manager: dott.ssa Sabrina Carpino, sabrina.carpino(at)

Tel 0223996420, fax 0223996499
Secretary: sig.ra Giovanna FOTI, e-mail giovanna.foti(at)
Tel 0223996413, fax 0223996499


Sampling and analysis of environmental matrices(water, wastewater, soils, air, solid wastes, sludges).

Sampling and analysis of fine, ultrafine and nano particulate in the atmospheric environment and in emission.

Tests for treatability and biodegradability of polluted streams (liquid, solid, sludge).

Tests of aerobic and anaerobic biodegradability of solid residues and biomass.

Design and management of lab-scale and demonstrative pilot plant to evaluate water depuration and soil remediation  techniques.