Traineeships for foreign students and Ph.D. students

Students and Ph.D. students willing to be interns at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering must follow this procedure:

- Find a supervisor for the traineeship within the Department. In order to find out who our faculties are and what are their research field, please visit the Research page of the DICA website

- Send to internationalwelcome-dica(at) a draft of the Traineeship Agreement from your home university. If your home university can't provide you with a standard Traineeship Agreement, please apply for an official statement from the administrative office in charge of traineeships, making sure that it contains the following elements:

*Intern's name and surname

*Intern's matricular number and certification of regular enrollment to the Bachelor/Master/Ph.D. programme

*Supervisor's name at the home university

*Lenght of the traineeship and indication of start/end dates

*Topic(s) of the traineeship

*Insurance coverage (interns are required to be durly insured for accidents and liability. If the home university doesn't offer this coverage, intern must provide the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering with proof of policies subscription prior his/her arrival to Politecnico)

The Department will fill in the Traineeship Agreement as far as it is concerned and send it back to the student's home university.


Last update: December, 2015