Residence permit

Non-EU citizens coming to Italy for the first time have 8 days’ time to submit their application for obtaining the residence permit.
The application kit can be requested at the post office. The closest ones to the Politecnico are located in Via Bronzino 7 and in Via Adelchi 2 


The documents are available only in Italian. Detailed instructions on how to fill in the form can be found here

On the first page of the form you have to glue a duty stamp of € 16.00. In addition, the following documents need to be attached:
- copy of the passport and visa
- copy of the documents proving your enrollment in a Ph.D. programme or invitation letter (for visiting Ph.D. students); Traineeship Agreement (for trainees)
- copy of the insurance policy covering the entire period of your stay (study residence permits last up to 1 year)
- copy of the proof you have enough money to adequately support your stay in Italy (for instance, your scholarship letter or a copy of your bank statement, that must be brought in an updated version to the Police Office – ‘Questura’). For the year 2019, the minimum subsistence amount, equal to the social security cheque, is € 458 per month (€ 5,954 per year) for each person
- copy of the payment receipt for the residence permit procedures. Here is how to fill in the deposit slip, which can be paid at the local post office.

Total expenditure for the residence permit application:
Revenue stamp: € 16.00
Administrative costs for the application: € 30.46 (printing costs) + € 40.00 (application fee for permit of 3 months to 1 year) = € 70.46 to be paid with a postal pay slip
Delivery costs: € 30.00

Total: € 116.46

NB: payment of postal pay slips is charged € 1.50 commission (per each pay slip). 

Please remember that you also need to buy an health insurance1, whose cost is to be added to the amount above mentioned.

The Post Office will give you a receipt bearing the date, time and place of your appointment at the Police Office (Questura). Here your fingerprints will be taken and the original papers checked.
We suggest you going to the Police Office early in the morning, around 8:00am, because officials tend not to follow the schedule indicated in the Post Office receipt. People are often given numbered tickets, and the daily tasks are organized accordingly.

At the appointment you are required to bring with you: 
- the receipt from the Post Office
- all the papers attached to the residence permit application in original
- 4 identical standard-sized photos on white background

Whilst waiting for the release of the residence permit (a plastic card), you must keep the Post Office receipt together with your passport. During this time, you are allowed to return to your Country of origin, without stopping in another Schengen Country.

To check the status of the residence permit application, please visit the website of the Polizia di Stato (type in the number of the post office receipt).  

Please read carefully: the first residence permit will have the same expiry date of the visa issued by the Italian consulate.    

With a permit for study you can:
- stay in one of the Schengen countries up to 3 months with no formal obligation
- apply for the ricongiungimento famigliare
- work for up to 20 hours/week
- enroll into the National Health Service (SSN)


Renewal of the residence permit for study: you can renew the permit 60 days in advance of the expiry date. In addition to the documents listed above, Ph.D. candidates at Politecnico di Milano must submit a letter from the Ph.D. programme Coordinator, stating that at least two exams have been passed during the year. If the student has spent the year drafting his/her Ph.D. thesis, it should be clearly explained in the Ph.D. programme Coordinator letter. Here how to fill in the form 


 Withdrawal of the residence permit: You'll receive an SMS when the permit is ready to be collected. In order to check the status of your request, refer to the  website: and add the identification code of the paperwork (the first numbers you find at the top of the receipt). 


RESIDENCE PERMIT FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES (Researchers with Host Agreement, fellows, visiting faculties)

This procedure is managed by the Politecnico’s Central Welcome Office. For more information, please write to hosts(at) and visit:



1) Comune di Milano offers a service for foreign citizens, which provides assistance regarding residence permit, visa, family reunion, vocational training, etc.  

Centro culture del mondo

Via Scaldasole 5 (map)
Phone: 02 884 48246 - Fax: 02 884 65130 
Email: pss.centroculturemondo(at); Link: here

Opening hours - residence permit and family reunion office: Monday and Thursday, 13:30 - 16:30; Tuesday: 09:00 - 12:00 (up to 15 people per day are allowed).
For the family reunion you can also phone the no. 02 8844 8248 and arrange an appointment (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday; 9-12; 14-16).

2) The health insurance for emergencies can be bought either before leaving for Italy, by contacting an insurance company at your own choice, or in Italy. For more information please check the relevant page in this website



Last update: January, 2018