PIN INPS application

If you are required to sign a contract with Politecnico di Milano, you have to be enrolled in INPS* Gestione Separata.
Gestione Separata is a pension scheme funded by a compulsory tax, which provides atypical workers with a suitable insurance.

Enrolling to INPS Gestione Separata is quite simple: you can do it on the INPS website.
In order to access your personal page, you need a PIN code. You can apply for it:
- online, on the INPS website. The code is split into two parts, the first one is sent by e-mail or SMS, the second one by certified post at your home address
- in person, going to the closest INPS office

The PIN code you get at the INPS office is operational and can be used immediately (PIN dispositivo). On the contrary, the code you receive online is standard, and it must be converted. This procedure can be performed either in the INPS offices – in person – or online, by uploading a copy of your identity card and the conversion form, duly signed.

Application for the PIN code at the INPS offices
You hand a copy of your identity card and the application form. The form is usually available at the office; alternatively, you can download it from the INPS website.

The PIN code is given in a sealed envelope.

Please note that delegating someone else to apply on your behalf is not possible. 

Enrollment to Gestione Separata
- Connect to the INPS website; fill in the web-form with your Fiscal Code and PIN
- In the next step you are assigned the updated PIN code, which fully replaces the old one (the code you get at the INPS office or online only grants you the first access). This code is valid for 6 months and can be printed out.
- Now, you are asked to update the page with the new code. Here you can check and, if needed, change your contacts (telephone number, e-mail address).
- Click on the button ‘Iscrizione Gestione Separata’ and follow the procedure – some fields have been prefilled by the system – marking if you live abroad, the type of collaboration partnership you are entering, and its starting date (the date should be the current one). Then click on the ‘confirm’ button and print out the receipt.

Using both the new personal code and the fiscal code, you can access the INPS website and check your pension scheme whenever you want.

The closest INPS office to Politecnico is located in Via Pola, n° 9 (Central Station area) – subway stop Gioia MM2, or Sondrio MM3.
Opening hours: from Monday to Friday, 08:30 –12:30.

*INPS = Istituto Nazionale della Previdenza Sociale (National Social Security Agency): it is the largest social security and welfare institute in Italy and one of the most important in Europe. It supports the majority of Italian workers and companies. The Institute is responsible for a large number of services related to social security, such as old-age, retirement and survivor’s pensions, invalidity and inability benefits, etc. It also manages unemployment benefits, redundancy funds, sickness benefits and maternity leaves.

Useful links:
* INPS website to apply for the PIN code
* INPS website to convert the ordinary PIN code
* PIN request form (in Italian) 1

1 You fill in the last part of the form (Dichiaro di aver ricevuto…) in the office upon receiving the code.


Last update: March, 2017