Coming to Italy with family

You can come to Italy with the following family members:
- Spouse
- Children under the age of 18
- Children above the age of 18 with a permanent disability who cannot provide for themselves
- Parents, provided that they do not have any support back in your home country. People above the age of 65 must subscribe a health insurance policy.


IF YOU ARE STILL IN YOUR HOME COUNTRY, you should opt for the FAMIGLIARE AL SEGUITO. Please note that this procedure will take several months, so you should start in advance.

First thing, you will need a long-term visa (at least 1 year) for employment or study. When you have obtained it, you can apply for the Nulla Osta for your family members. Nulla Osta is a special authorization issued by the Italian Immigration Office (SUI, Sportello Unico Immigrazione).

Requirements to get the Nulla Osta
- Income - your income must be at least equal to the social security cheque (i.e. minimum subsistence amount), increased by a half for each family member*.
*The amount of the social security cheque (assegno sociale) varies each year. For 2019 it’s 458.00 Euro per month (5,954.00 Euro per year).

you + 1 relative = 8,931.00 Euro per year
you + 2 relatives = 11,908.00 Euro per year
you + 3 relatives = 14,885.00 Euro per year
you + 4 relatives = 17,862.00 Euro per year
you + 2 or more children under the age of 14 = 11,908.00 Euro per year
you + wife + 2 or more children under the age of 14 = 11,908.00 Euro + 2,977.00 Euro (for the spouse) per year -> tot. 14,885.00 Euro per year

For more information, here

- Suitable accommodation -> your accommodation must meet certain hygienic requirements and have a size able to accommodate your family.

Size of the apartment
- for 1 person: 14 
- for 2 people: 28
- for 3 people: 42 
- for 4 people: 56 
for any extra person, +10 

For more information, here

The certificate of idoneità alloggiativa is thus required: the certificate is issued by the local authorities (Comune) by providing the rental contract, the apartment plan from the Land Registry Office and 2 duty stamps of 16 euro each (minimum fee). Some authorities may also ask for a declaration of conformity of the gas and electrical systems issued by an authorized technician. 

- Official mandate to a person already living in Italy to apply for the Nulla Osta on your behalf. Please ask to the Italian Embassy in your home country for more information about this point.

Fees for the application: 2 duty stamps (14.62 euro each)
The Nulla Osta is sent directly to the Italian Embassy closest to your residence, so that your relatives can apply for their visa.

Important: you and your family must come to Italy together.

* If you are allowed to come to Italy for 3 months (tourism) without a visa, you don’t need any Nulla Osta. Your relatives can come to Italy and then apply for the family cohesion (coesione famigliare).

You must come from one of these countries: Albania*, Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Bosnia*, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, South Korea, Costa Rica, Croatia, Dominica, El Salvador, Macedonia*, UAE, Georgia, Japan, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Israel, Malesia, Mexico, Monaco, Montenegro*, Nicaragua, New Zealand, Panama, Paraguay, Perù, Serbia*, Singapore, USA, Taiwan, Ukraine, Uruguay, Venezuela (*with restrictions).

After your arrival
Within 8 days from the arrival, your relatives must go to the Immigration Office (SUI – Sportello Unico Immigrazione, located within the Prefettura, the local office of the Ministry of Interior), where they will get the documents for the residence permit application.
Then, they go to a Post Office and hand in the application form (fee: 116.46 euro per application). They will get a receipt – to be kept together with the passport – and an appointment at closest the Police Station, where they will have their fingerprints taken. When the residence permit is ready – the whole procedure can take up to several months – they will receive an SMS to go back to the Police Station and withdraw it.


IF YOU ARE ALREADY IN ITALY, but your relatives still live in your home country, you should opt for the RICONGIUNGIMENTO FAMIGLIARE.

First thing, you need a long-term (at least 1 year) resident permit for employment or study. The receipt from the post office is not enough.  The requirements are the same (see above), as well as the procedure: you should apply for the Nulla Osta to the SUI – Sportello Unico Immigrazione. The process can take up to 180 days.
After the Nulla Osta has been issued and sent to the Italian Embassy in your country, your relatives can apply for the Italian visa.


IF YOU ARE ALREADY IN ITALY and so are your relatives, who have come to Italy with a visa for tourism of similar, you can opt for the COESIONE FAMIGLIARE

In this case, you won’t apply for the Nulla Osta, but your relative will directly request a residence permit for family reasons, which will have the same length as yours. The procedure is quite simple: your relative shall go to the Post Office, fill in the application (residence permit kit) and hand it in. Requirements (income and accommodation) and documents are the same ones listed above.

In addition, please note that you will need a copy of your marriage certificate (for your spouse) or birth certificate (for your children), translated in Italian and legalized at the Italian Embassy, so we suggest you take care of it on time.


Last update: March 2019