Discovering the city of Milan and the Lombardy region

Discovering the city of Milan

Passing some time in Milan means having the possibility to know better a city which - amid its architectural, artistic and cultural beauties - sets aside treasures still to be discovered.

Here you can visit the home page of the city Tourist Office: 

The website also offers some applications that can be downloaded on your smart phone and used for free during your visit. 

Start to experience your trip enjoying the Official City Guide and make plans with the help of the City Map and of the Street Guide, offering visit plans described through QR codes.


Discovering the Metropolitan City 

Milan is surrounded by very suggestive cities, easily reachable with the public means of transportation. These towns are guardians of a wide heritage of traditions and innovations. Aristocratic mansions and old monasteries interchange with rural areas cut through by waterways.

For more information you can refer to:


Discovering Lombardy region

Milan is located at the heart of a region, Lombardy, which can offert to visitors very different landscapes: from the Alps to the calm river Po, passing through the lakes. Not to forget are the small artistic cities, true and real jewels. 

For planning some excursions take a look at this website.


Tourism and disabilities 

Disabilities should not become obstacles in discovering the city. In order to find out which are the itineraries created for people with disabilities, please visit the following website (click on the English flag in the upper-right part of the page to switch to the English version)